Early Life

Baby Richard

Born Hirofumi Richard Ogawa on September 14, 1977 in Seattle, WA. At the tender age of 2, Richard moved from his city of birth to Vancouver, Canada in an effort to find himself.

With an early love for singing, he was performing for his family and friends at the age of 3 and by age 9, gave into social stereotypes and began his classical piano training (though it would take him 10 more years to realize he just didn't have the discipline to be that Asian.)

Triggered by an elementary school production of “’Night Mother” (or it could have been the "Wizard of Oz") his love for theater led to heavy involvement in community and educational theatre through high school, finding a second family with the Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society, who taught him the virtues of a good patter-song.

After he graduated as class valedictorian from Johnston Heights Secondary, he began formal vocal training at the School of Music at the University of British Columbia. A year later, the ants in his pants would get the best of him and he headed off to New York City to study theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

New York

Baby Richard

With Manhattan as his home base, Richard has performed in numerous theatrical productions, from originating roles off-Broadway to pre-Broadway workshops and readings, to regional and touring productions across the U.S. and Canada. He has performed at world-renowned venues from Carnegie Hall to Lincoln Center.

About the same time he moved to New York, he bought his first guitar, named it George, and began songwriting. Whilst working in the theatre and keeping afloat between gigs, he started performing his own music at such iconic venues as CBGB Lounge, the Duplex and Rose’s Turn.

It was also in New York City that he met some of his creative partners including Yuka Takara and his arch nemesis Cristal Snow, both of with whom he has various ongoing music and writing projects.


Baby Richard

In 2005 Richard crossed the pond to the UK. During the 2 years in London, Richard continued to write and perform in such venues as Sound Cafe, Rock Garden and Spice of Life as well as signing with the American Agency, working as an actor in various film, TV & commercial projects.


And Now...

Baby Richard

Richard currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to work on his music and various writing projects, all while searching for the Great Pumpkin.